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Spyder Creative Enhances Jenkins & Pain’s Fleet

Stunning Vehicle Signage Transformation.

Sittingbourne, Kent – May 14, 2024

Spyder Creative, Sittingbourne’s bespoke signage specialist, has successfully completed a transformative vehicle signage project for Jenkins & Pain Bodyshop, a renowned auto repair company based in Dover, Kent.

Aesthetic Excellence for an Award-Winning Brand.

Following their victory at the esteemed 2023 British Bodyshop Awards, Jenkins & Pain opted to boost their brand presence by placing striking vehicle signage on their 23 courtesy cars. In a bid to achieve this goal, they turned to the expertise of Spyder Creative, a leading provider of vehicle wraps and digital printing services. The team at Spyder Creative brainstormed innovative van signage ideas and executed flawless vehicle sign writing, using high-quality vinyl wraps for maximum impact. Jenkins & Pain’s brand message is spreading across various locations with the help of vehicle wraps by Spyder Creative in Sittingbourne, Kent.


Craftmanship and Quality Unmatched.

Known for their expertise in car, van and truck wraps, Spyder Creative utilised top-of-the-line printing equipment and years of experience to deliver impeccable finishes for each vehicle. The vehicle graphics not only enhances the visual appeal but also reinforces Jenkins & Pain’s commitment to excellence in auto restoration.

A Partnership for Success.

Choosing Spyder Creative ensured Jenkins & Pain received a tailored approach aimed at enhancing brand image and expanding market reach. This collaboration underscores Spyder Creative’s dedication to providing unparalleled service, evident from inspiration to installation.


Elevating Customer Experience.

The new vehicle signage for Jenkins & Pain’s fleet improves not just the appearance but also enhances the customer experience strategically. By utilising top-notch vehicle wraps and digital printing services, the company is able to effectively communicate its branding and messaging to a wider audience. These eye-catching wraps act as mobile advertising on the roads of Kent, showcasing innovative van signage ideas and professional vehicle sign writing. Through the use of high-quality wraps and vinyl materials, Jenkins & Pain guarantees that their advertising-wrapped cars are distinctive, reinforcing their image as an innovative and customer-focused company. In today’s competitive market, wrapped vehicle advertising is a powerful tool for companies looking to make a lasting impression and stand out from the competition.

Commitment to Quality and Durability.

At Spyder Creative, we offer a comprehensive range of vehicle signs and wraps, vehicle vinyl signage, providing top-notch vehicle wrapping services that guarantee long-lasting quality and durability.

Our in-house team designs, prints, and installs all graphics, ensuring that each project meets deadlines, budgets, and achieves 100% customer satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for bespoke signage ideas or wrapped vehicles for mobile advertising, our digital printing service offers top-notch vehicle wraps in Kent using high-quality vinyl materials.

With our expertise in vehicle sign writing, we can turn any vehicle into a powerful marketing tool, transforming them into eye-catching wrapped cars for advertising purposes. Trust Spyder Creative for all your vehicle wrap needs and let us help you stand out on the road with our wrapped vehicle advertising solutions.

About Spyder Creative.


Spyder Creative is a leading signage company based in Kent, serving clients across South East England and beyond. With over 30 years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment, they specialise in delivering the highest standards in external signage and vehicle graphic installations.

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This partnership between Spyder Creative and Jenkins & Pain marks another milestone in both companies’ commitment to excellence and innovation in the auto repair industry.

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